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Africa, a continent building rapidly from its ruins and gradually saying goodbye to its horrible pasts (like the Rwanda genocide, Biafran genocide (or Nigerian civil war, etc)... To name a few) is getting prepared to become the next business / technology destination in the world.

One of the noticeable growth in the African continent is its rapid growth and interest in technology. Shooting out creative and innovative startups every now and then. We can not talk about the African journey in / into tech without thanking some important western bodies / organizations who played vital roles in building conducive tech hubs and training a good number of African youths to code .

But I won't be telling the story of Africa journey to tech or its future in tech today. I am here today to talk about the top tech cities in Africa. Cities at the forefront of technology innovations in Africa.

Here Are The Top Tech Cities In Africa :

Lagos (Nigeria)

Lagos, a small land/state located at the south western borders of Nigeria. Lagos has witnessed massive growth in its economy and has risen to become one of the richest states in Nigeria (if not the richest), this growth is also aided by its recognition of the technology industry.

Lagos which was selected as a test bed for IBM’s Smarter Cities Challenge is an abode to many popular startups in Africa / Nigeria. The ecosystem in Lagos boosts the morale of budding tech startup founders.

Lagos is home not only to a huge number of startups but also an array of banking and educational institutions. Did i tell you that Lagos has a lot of tech hubs? ( you know).

Johannesburg (South Africa)

It is known that South Africa has one of the largest (if not the largest) and fastest growing economy within the Africa continent. So, it shouldn't be a surprise that Johannesburg, South Africa is one of the leading tech cities in Africa. Johannesburg also boasts as the city with the most plenty tech hubs amongst cities in Africa.

The city is rapidly growing as it aims to provide free internet access / Wi-Fi for everyone within the city. This it is accomplishing bit by bit as almost all the libraries and clinics across the city’s seven regions already enjoy free Wi-Fi.

Kigali (Rwanda)

Most people on hearing Kigali or Rwanda quickly remembers the 1994 genocide against the tutsi. But Rwanda has moved away from that, they've wrapped up that story of genocide and leave it behind. Their president, Paul Kagame is doing a great job in pushing Rwanda forward. Few days ago, they launched a satellite for education. Rwanda also has one of the fastest growing economies in Nigeria.

Kigali is the home of many tech hubs in the county, including tech hubs like K-Lab, Think, The Office, and Impact Hub Kigali. Most of these hubs are responsible for shooting out successful tech startups like TorQue, an award-winning tech startup which offers customised software solutions to small and medium enterprises; and Hehe Ltd, which creates mobile applications and offers coaching classes on coding for youths.

In 2013, Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda became the first city in East Africa to launch free Wi-Fi zones for its citizens. All thanks to the smart Kigali initiative.

Nairobi (Kenya)

Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, has with time positioned itself as a fast rising tech city amongst other cities in Africa. It was witnessed a massive growth in its technology sector, which has also been of great importance to Kenya's economic development / growth.

Popularly called the Silicon Valley of Africa or “Silicon Savannah”. Nairobi has nurtured and brought to light many successful tech startups in Africa. Within a space of 8 years (2002- 2010), Kenya’s tech exports value skyrocketed from $16 million to $360 million. Thanks to the government investment in the technology sector, Kenya's technology sector has provided jobs for thousands of youths.

As every tech city loves to go “smart” and provide free internet access, Nairobi has also done well with that as one can enjoy free Wi-Fi onboard taxis.

Accra (Ghana)

Accra, the capital city of Ghana, is rapidly growing to become a sought after ICT hub in West Africa. In Prampram, greater region of Accra, a project called “HOPE City” is taking place. Hope City (HOPE is an acronym for Home, Office, People and Environment). Hope city is a modern technology park / avenue. The Hope City project is estimated to cost $10 billion.

The Hope City facilities will include an IT university, assembly plant for various tech products, business offices, a hospital, and housing and recreation spaces. HOPE City will consist of six towers, including a 75-story, 270 meter-high building – making it the highest building in the continent.

Ghana is also among countries with the highest number of internet users in the African continent, with more than 5 million users. Most of the Internet users in the West African nation access the internet through cell phones, with the cost of data bundles ranging from 5 GH₵ ($1.30) for 200MB to 20 GH₵ ($5.20) for 1.5 of data.

Cairo (Egypt)

Egypt, the country in which Cairo is its capital, is emerging as one of the most digitally smart countries in the world and not just Africa.
Cairo, says almost everything about Egypt’s tech sector, which is characterised by more than 40 percent internet penetration, 103 million mobile phone users, and a huge e-commerce industry. Determined tech entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and new-media moguls populate Cairo.
While the entrepreneurship / tech ecosystem in Cairo is not fully developed yet, the level of innovation and growth is quite impressive.

Casablanca (Morocco)

In 2006, Morocco became the first country in North Africa to adopt 3G network. That was one of the event which set Morocco on a journey to technology.
In recent years, Morocco has launched free Wi-Fi hotspots in every major city for its more than 20 million internet users. Hospitals, universities, mosques, railway stations, and other public zones in Casablanca serve as free-Wi-Fi zones.

These are the prominent top tech cities within the Africa continent. As time goes on, this post on top tech cities in Africa would be updated.

Do you know any top tech cities in Africa that wasn't listed here? Kindly comment.
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