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Apple ios vs Android which one to adopt.

This fight between the apple and android users did not just start today, over the years, the android users feel the android Os is the best because of its flexibility and the ability to configure it the way you want, and the availability of apps on the google play store. But is the Android Os really the best? 

The IOs users will say that the IOs is better because you get constant updates on new releases of IOs versions, for example, someone using the apple IPhone 7 can get an update of the IOs 12 even if the IPhone 7 is a year old, the device will still get the current software update.

But on the android it is a different case entirely, a one-year-old android phone will hardly get the latest update. The android phones that run on lollipop will hardly or never get the Oreo update. This is where the Apple IOs beats the Android.

So, let us dive deep into the major differences between the IOs and Android Os, after reading you will be able to decide which one suits you, depending on what you want the most in a smartphone.

OS Compatibility: 

Each year, the Apple and the Android Os do release new versions of Os with better experience and performance. Android makers are pretty slow at updating their phones to the latest version, sometimes they do not even update their phones at all. Take the Samsung Galaxy s7 that runs on Android 7.0 Nougat, hardly will it get the latest Pie update. But it is a different case entirely on the Apple devices, The Iphone 5s of 2013 still gets the update of the IOs 11, thanks to Apple for this upgrade.
So, if you are the kind of person that always wants the latest software update, you should go for the Apple devices, not the Android.
Winner: Iphone

Apps :

 The Google Play store has around 3.5 million apps as of April 2018, the Apple App store has fewer apps than the Google play store. Apple is very strict on the kind of apps they allow into their app store, but the Apple beats Android in terms of the quality of their apps and games, back in the days the Sony Play Station and the Nitendo used to dominate when it comes to games, but the Iphone took that away from them. if you want better and more quality apps and games, I think you should go for the Apple instead of Android.
Winner: Iphone

Artificial Intelligence: Google Assistant Vs Siri: 

Pretty soon the smartphone industry will be taken over by Artificial Intelligence. Android has a lead when it comes to Artificial Intelligence, with the powerful Google Assistant. With Google assistant you can navigate through your city, make phone calls, set alarms and do a whole lot. But it Is not the same with the Siri on the Apple. It is a different Experience entirely. The Apple siri is improving with new IOs releases though, but the Google Assistant is more powerful and it beats Apple here.
Winner: Android

Battery life: 

The older versions of Iphones could not go a day without charge, but Apple improved on it. The newer versions and upgrades have improved battery life and can go a day without charge. The battery optimization is different on the Android devices because of the variety of Android phones we have. Android phone with larger screens tend to reduce the battery life often when in use, but thanks to the Android makers that put larger batteries on the their phones, so, you will be able to do more things with your Android phone with just a single charge than the Iphone. Android can deliver if you want a smartphone that serves you better with a day of single charge.
Winner: Android

Display: Bigger display Vs Small display 

Android beats the Apple is this area. The biggest display on an Iphone in 2018 is on the Iphone Xs mas, with a 6.5 inches display, this device costs more than $1000, but how many can afford it? This where the Android beats the Apple, you get phones with larger display like 5.5 inches, 6.0 inches etc for even less than $250, but it does not happen on the Apple devices.
Winner: Android


People will love to customize their devices anyway they want it, it happens only when you use Android, thanks to their openness. Apple, however, limits the phone which makes customization not possible. If you want a phone that works well, does not lag, and easy to use, Apple is what you should go for. But if you value flexibility and being able to tweak your phone the way you want it, then you should go for the android.
Winner: Tie


There is a reason why the Iphone has limited storage, on the other hand you can choose to expand your storage on android devices even up to 1 Terabyte. This feature is not available on the Iphone, if an apple device comes with 256gb storage, you are stuck with 256gb, you cannot expand the storage. So, with an Android device you will have more storage and you have the choice of an external storage (SD card). So, which do you prefer? Being able to expand your storage or being stuck with the internal storage.
Winner: Android


There is no doubt that the Iphone beats the Android when it comes to security. Apple restricts their phones to a lot of things, that is why there are number one when it comes to security. A test was done once, 97% of malware, viruses etc were for android, none of them affected the iphone. We are not sure that the Android can survive virus attacks, but it is not possible on the Iphone.
Winner: Iphone


  When it comes to cost of smartphones, the Android beats Iphone here. With $160 you can get a good Android device that will serve you well, and do most things the Iphone that costs $500 can do. Those on a tight budget will rather go for the Android device because it is more affordable. Though the average cost of an Android device is lower than an Iphone.
Winner: Android

Resale value:

People want to often upgrade to the latest device because new devices are released every year. The Iphone beats the Android here, you can purchase an Iphone now and two years later for more than half the price. The Iphone still keeps its worth. This does not happen on the Android device. The Iphone beats the Android here.
Winner: Iphone


The decision to choose whether to go for an Android device or an Apple device is not an easy one. It all depends on you, if you want larger displays, bigger batteries, being able to customize your device, availability of apps, and flexibility then you should go for the Android. If you want better performance, more secured phone, faster phone that does not lag, super quality apps and games, then go for the Apple Iphone. Both phones are good depending on your use.
Was this article helpful? Tell us what you think in the comment section, do you prefer the Apple or the Android device? Which one best suits you?

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