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In Nigeria, a country where culture, heritage, tradition are ever flowing ripples. Most teens lacks access to tools to help them code, most do not even know about terms like coding, programming and so on. Not because they do not want to know, but because there are no available funds or mediums to help them learn. Teens Can Code is eliminating the gap between Nigerian teens and technology advancement, also creating mediums for teens within the Nigerian community to learn codes.

Teens Can Code

Teens Can Code is an organization founded by Isaac Damian Ezirim aimed at growing access to computer science classes through critical thinking and coding.

No Kid Is Left Out

Teens Can Code activities cover all classes of children within the Nigerian community, an organization which believes that the opportunity every child has should not be determined by where they live or the status of their parents.

Activities That Impacts
Teens Can Code creates activities which engage teens and gives them time to understand tech, and exploit the positive opportunities tech offers.
Here are some of the activities :

•Teens Code Conference :
The Teens Code Conference is an event that gathers teenagers in thousands and hosted in various communities. Teens Code Conference aims to discuss innovative and creative ideas with teenagers, giving them and a positive direction to follow.

It features, Exhibitions, Keynotes, TalkShows, Competition, Music, Comedy and lots of fun.
•Teens Code Academy
•Geeks Nation
•Maths Wire

Teens Can Code is expanding the access to computer programming curriculum and opportunities for teens within the age bracket of 11 – 22 years who are from low income communities in Nigeria, they help foster interest in computer programming to ensure that it becomes a core component of every child's education. 
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