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The educational sector is one of the many sectors that has experienced a remarkable growth in Nigeria technology space. Almost all of the sectors (financial sector, health sector etc) are getting their place online and the education industry is not left out. Thanks to some solutions the educational startups in Nigeria are providing.

Today, we are going to show / tell you about some startups providing solutions for the educational sector which has grown remarkably over the years. Some of these startups do not impact or solve only students problems, but also provides solutions for teachers, lecturers etc.

Here Are The List Of Edtech Startups In Nigeria

Pass.ng is a startup with a vision to help candidates excel in all major Nigerian Examinations and tests using their mobile app, web and desktop software platforms.
Pass.ng helps Nigerian students prepare for important examinations like Jamb, Waec and so on.

Extraclass.ng is an online platform where learners can access tutors ranging from academic courses, primary schools to tertiary levels; professional courses such as ICAN and others. Students can get also get access to tutors who offer digital skills and other extra skills like photography, programming, digital marketing etc.

NigerianScholars is an online student platform that provides users with information and tools that is needed to secure their academic future and dreams. NigerianScholars has created many tools like the "Admission Chances Calculator", "School Finder" , and other useful tools.

DavtonLearn provides online education via video learning. DavtonLearn started as Davton8020 consulting in 2009 and has since evolved to become a leading provider of professional certification courses.

Efiwe aims to solve the “reading is boring” challenge most students faces by providing a platform which offers peer to peer learning.

Kotivu.NG is a social impact educational startup that offers the best corporate training courses in a modern LMS design. The startup aims to make learning more productive by offering affordable and engaging eLearning solutions to individuals, businesses, corporations and institutions in Nigeria and across West Africa.

PrepClass is providing academic solutions by offering a customized learning program for students. PrepClass platform also provides educational programs to fit any family’s needs and preferences – whether it’s in-home tutoring or online test .

Primal Tutor
Primal tutor is a startup which aims to deliver knowledge to users at affordable rates. On primal tutor, parents can discover the best home tutors for their children. To request for a tutor, parents simply fill a form specifying student and subject details and wait to be paired with a tutor, usually within 24 hours. Qualified teachers interested in applying are also required to fill in a similar form and await approval.

Edusko connects parents and students with good and affordable schools in Nigeria, Ghana and beyond. Edusko aims to make good schools Available, Accessible and Affordable to parents, guardians and students looking for good schools in Africa and beyond.
Through the Edusko, parents can compare available schools with ease and make informed decisions despite their busy schedules. Parents also have access to detailed data about the schools like school fees discount offered, etc by the listed schools from time to time on Edusko.
The EdTech startup platform also gives schools opportunity to reach out to millions of parents and students with ease.

ScholarX is an EdTech startup that focuses on Education Financing to help young Africans access quality education through Scholarships, Crowdfunding (Village) and E-Learning. ScholarX gives young Africans the opportunities to connect with scholarships both home and abroad.
Through the ScholarX app, available in free and premium versions, users can select parameters and scroll through lists of available scholarships that match their requirements. Scholarship opportunities are available to students in undergraduate, masters and PhD level.

Schoolmate is an interactive social learning app created to bring in a new and interesting dimension to learning and interaction within higher institutions of learning.
Schoolmate also allows students to get notifications about their results, CGPA and payment status. Parents or guardians are also able to install the app for instant access to their wards studentship status in terms of grades and fees.

Raadaa is a platform that is aiming to make quality research available to everyone. It also gives it's users (researchers, publishers, authors, students, and freelancers etc) an avenue to monetize their own research like YouTube video creators.

W3tutor is offers an innovative eLearning platform which thrives to develop students as well as job seekers with relevant and in-demand skills to help them thrive educationally and posses the skills that would make them employment ready or be able to startup ventures of their own. This EdTech startup is an innovation of Igorithm inc.

Tuteria is an online platform connecting people who uses it with qualified tutors within their neighbourhood, to master the subjects, skills and exams that matter to them. Tuteria also allows users to book lessons in academic subjects as well as more vocational areas, on tuteria there are tutors offering lessons in skills such as programming and web design.
Tuteria processes payments for lessons monitors lesson delivery and evaluates performance. Tuteria screens tutors thoroughly to provide the best.

Tutor.ng is an online platform which aims to provide tools and resources for engaging and teaching learners anytime, anywhere. It provides the technology for tutors to transform any environment into a learning space.
Tutor.ng helps tutors to monetize what they know and ready to teach. Content owners now have a platform to express their creativity and teach without having to spend so much on IT Infrastructure.
Tutor.NG Platform is a robust system that provides everything a tutor needs to take teaching online – a virtual classroom, functionality to create and deliver courses with assessment tools, ability to work with different document formats – doc, pdf, ppt., content sharing features, live interactive sessions and a payment system that helps tutors monetize their content.

ProTeach is an online marketplace for tutors, it gives parents and learners a platform to find the best tutors that’ll help them reach their learning goals. Aimed at redefining education and learning in Nigeria, ProTeach connects expert tutors to learners and offers a personalised and friendly private home tutoring service within Nigeria.
ProTeach also makes it easier to connect people who need to know with the experts that can teach them. And they continue to change the way people think about education in the process.

SchoolsCompass helps parents/students to find schools that match their budget, location and facility preferences. It differentiates itself from others as the only organic collection of schools. It verifies to ensure the school information are accurate and encourages parents to review and endorse schools they know.
Parents can also compare between selected schools (as they provide details about schools listed)so as to make informed decision.

StudySearch is a course matching and applications platform connecting users with the best universities abroad. StudySearch is the simplest way for African students to apply to universities abroad.
The platform also allows students to connect and manage the study abroad process online, from application to arrival.

These are some of the Educational technology startups (Edtech startups) in Nigeria providing solutions for problems within the educational sectors.

Ps: Feel free to share with us Edtech startups in Nigeria not listed. 
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