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Everyone is in agreement that artificial intelligence technology can change the world (which it's already doing), from healthcare to countering terrorism and even education, artificial intelligence potential is becoming progressively obvious.

Despite the progressive growth of artificial intelligence technology it still faces significant challenges especially in Third World countries like Nigeria. Nigeria will have to overcome these certain challenges for artificial intelligence to attain it's full potential. Meeting those challenges is a task of utmost priority for the artificial intelligence industry in Nigeria right now.

These are some of the challenges of artificial intelligence in Nigeria :

• Socio-economic Barriers
Nigerians most times tend to stay away from anything complicated. Artificial intelligence is related to science and algorithms, which only the technical people amongst the Nigerian populace understand. Nigerians who are completely unaware of these algorithms and technology that lies behind the working of Artificial intelligence find it difficult to understand its functioning and ends up not using tools developed with artificial intelligence. During an interview with Adeyinka Adewale CEO of, he admitted that Nigerian customers typically don’t trust issues around new technologies like AI and tend to question or disregard it.

• Inadequate infrastructure
Lack of adequate infrastructure affects the creation of innovative tools with artificial intelligence in Nigeria. Power, cost of internet and lacklustre government policies are some of the infrastructural barriers limiting the progress and usage of AI tech in Nigeria. When there's an idea, there are no means to create them. Even when created, lack of infrastructure affects the distribution of such tools.

• Cultural Barriers
Two of the most common cultural barriers are language and religion. Language might not be a challenge to artificial intelligence progress in Nigeria. But religion is definitely one of the challenges. Nigeria as a whole is a highly cultural nation and has indigenes that are highly religious. I've seen arguments on popular Nigerian forums like nairaland i have seen threads talking about artificial intelligence, fears, and other weird religious beliefs like calling artificial intelligence technology “demonic”.

Despite the challenges of artificial intelligence in Nigeria, the Nigerian artificial intelligence space is looking brighter than how it looked like years ago. Some startups (list of artificial intelligence startups in Nigeria) in Nigeria are already solving some problems with artificial intelligence technology in Nigeria. We expect to see more soon.
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  1. Inadequate infrastructure is our main problem.
    What sort of Technology prowess do you expect from a country where presidential Villa have budget for generator

    1. Thanks for commenting, as you can see i made sure it was listed.

  2. Indeed it will take time to have AI integrated in Nigeria as mention in this article. Power supply and other limitations are also non-negligible barriers.
    Kudos for the well though and researched article.

  3. There are different regions of research being done into making the humanoid machines of sci-fi, yet up 'til now most are as yet limited to the domains of the creative mind. One great bit of innovation is the Honda ASIMO venture. ai courses


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