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This question "MTN VS GLO"? is becoming popular frequently, from comparing their networks coverage, to comparing their data plans and so on.
One can agree that MTN and GLO are the biggest, or let us say the kings of telecommunication services in the Nigeria telecommunications space. 

But, they can only be one king right?  So we are going to let you decide on who wears the crown amongst the both of them. Is it going to be “Rule your world” or “Everywhere you go”.?

Ok, let's find out who wears the crown!

The criteria we are going to use for the comparison between mtn vs glo includes the Data service, Tariff plans and customer services that the both of them provides.

What NCC Says?
According to NCC, Glo is the network with the second largest internet subscription in the country with 14.3m active subscriptions. MTN is in the first place with 34m. Also, NCC made it clear that MTN has the largest customer base in Nigeria followed by Glo.

Data service

Glo, popularly called “the grand masters of data” when it comes to data, anyway that doesn’t qualify GLO as the best or does it?, Let’s see if they better than MTN when it comes to data services.

No doubt, Glo offers one of the cheapest data plans, with as low as #100 you can get a data bundle of 100mb which is valid for 7days.

When it comes to cheap data plans, no doubt Glo takes the crown, but wait, what’s the essence of having data when you can’t use it due to their poor network?

However, most people who stay in urban areas do not complain of the poor network service.

MTN data bundles are very expensive and they don't last compared to that of Glo.

But, MTN network is very fast and stable (not in all places, mtn network is poor in few places compared to the numbers of places Glo network is poor).

If you find yourself in an urban area where all networks are stable, then Glo wins!. But if you find yourself in a rural area with lesser network stability, MTN wins!.

Tariff Plans

We are going to be selecting the best tariff plan from MTN and Glo then compare them to see the best.

Some of MTN plans are,  Xtravalue, impulse, Beta Talk, and start pack and so on.

Some of Glo plans are, Glo 11k/s plan, Glo jollific8, G- Bam, Glo flexi and so on.

The best tariff plan from MTN is MTN Ipulse, Ipulse is the most amazing
candidate and best to compete with other tariff plans from other network, and since we are comparing the best vs the best, we are going to use Ipulse.

The best tariff plan from Glo is Glo 11k/s. So we are going to compare Glo 11k/s vs MTN Ipulse.

Glo 11k/s VS mtn Ipluse


i)They both call at 11k/s.
ii)They both charge a certain fee(Glo 11k/s deducts #5 from your credit anytime you want to make a call daily, while mtn charges 12k/s for the 1st 60secs.)


i) Mtn Ipulse charges 11k/s for all calls, while Glo 11k/s charges 15k/s for international calls.
ii) Mtn Ipulse gives a special data offer for subscribers, Ipulse subscribers can be able to buy 500Mb for just #25 (this data only works from12- 4am).
iii) Glo 11k/s also charges higher for calls made to other networks, while mtn Ipulse charges same(11k/s).

From the similarities and differences, it's obvious Mtn wears the crown!.

Customer care service.

No customer will like his/ her time wasted when trying to speak to customer care representatives.
Most times with boring song that keeps playing before customers are finally directed to the representative.

When using mtn, customers do not need to listen to that song anymore, within just few minutes of asking you will be directed to a customer care representative.

While, when using Glo,  customers will have to listen to adverts and music which will consume time.

MTN customer services is more better and preferable when compared to Glo.
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