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There has always been a competition between newspapers and online news services or a TV station, though the competition started off since the invention of televisions and the internet network. So, today we'll compare the newspaper with them by giving you the Pros and Cons of Newspaper.

The general Pros of Newspapers :

•Newspapers do not need any infrastructure (like electricity, network access, radio wave coverage) when it's in use, it can easily be shared,
It also can be archived easily.

•Requires vey low skills(or just reading skills)from the user (most old people knows how to read a paper buit not how to surf a website).

•Low entry threshold - most newspapers are given for free and you reading devices aren't usually needed.

•Easy division between editorial content and ads. Like for instance ads pages can simply be flipped over, while a TV / Online news service commercial may bother you longer - or an interstitial.

Pro of newspapers over TV:

• In-depth-information. As the reader can choose how long he wants to look at a page, you can make the content rather complex. If you want to explain how programming works, this is easier in a newspaper article with additional info boxes than in a 30 minutes TV show.

•No electronic limitation (no radio frequency or TV channel required) and Newspaper production is cheaper than TV production.

•Readers can easily determine which content to consume and in their customized order.

Pro of newspapers over Internet:

•since newspapers are printed and when printed, remains printed. It cannot be altered or deleted later.

•Curated contents:
The readers gets a set of contents chosen by the editors. So he gets a complete picture. The internet encourages you to hop from source to source, maybe recommended by your friends. So you may be trapped in a filter bubble. If all your friends share stories about wizkid with you, you may think that the majority of people loves wizkid.

General cons of newspapers :

•Lack of format freedom:
Newspapers can only transmit written texts and printed images, no sound, no video.

•Lack of choice.
There may be several thousands of different newspapers. But in your area you may not be able to get access to more than four or five of them. And: The more newspapers you get, the more you have to spend.

Even if the articles are written, it takes at least 12 hours to get it edited, printed and delivered.

Cons of newspapers over TV:

•TV scales better.  Like for instance If you double your audience, you do not have to double your distribution cost

•It is far easier to distribute contents over a TV broadcast system than over print.

Cons of newspapers over the Internet

For writers :

•Fixing errors: What is printed, is printed. Errors cannot be corrected, updated or it's published.

•Higher production costs : newspapers production is quite expensive compared  to creating a website

•No hyperlinks: You cannot link contents together.

For readers :

•No interaction: There are no ways to directly rate or make comments on newspaper articles.

Now the pro and cons of newspapers has been discussed.
Kindly drop a comment and share!  

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